Friday, May 23, 2008

Adventures in Reading!

Catherine took some time to post captions after school one day about our reading adventure with Bubba. Read on to see what happened!
This is Bubba's cocoon after he hatched. If you look closely you can see juice from his wet wings.
No wonder why his name is Bubba! He's huge!
This is the class trying to figure out what kind of moth Bubba is.
He looks like a tarantula with wings!
He has feathers for antennas.

The class took Bubba it to the courtyard, so he could dry his wings out.

Who knew that moths had furry wings?
We think he's a Polyphemus moth!
Doesn't he look so much like a leaf?
Look how detailed Bubba's wings are.
WOW, look how big his abdomen is!
Look at how much Bubba blends in with his surroundings.
He's just so beautiful.
Here our class takes a picture with Bubba to help us remember our day!!!
The proud "parents" who brought Bubba to class... without telling Mrs. Perry! Boy was she surprised when Bubba made his debut.
Bubba is almost done drying out his wings!

I've never seen such a gigantic moth! It took Bubba over 3 hours to dry. During that time he didn't flap his wings at all. We don't know the exact time he left the courtyard.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

4th Quarter Book Project Examples

Here are pictures of some of last year's mindwebs (graphic organizers) to get you started! These graphic organizers illustrate the type of effort that is expected of a marking period project to earn an "A" for content. Click on each picture to view full sized.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Endangered Species Webquest

Click here to start Mrs. Perry's Endangered Species Webquest.

To view PowerPoint projects created last year, visit our student work page and scroll down until you see the PowerPoint presentation.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Concrete (Shape) Poetry

Here are some examples of concrete poetry for you to explore. If you click on each picture, it will open in a larger window. Enjoy!